The FIPLV Nordic-Baltic Region (NBR) Conference 2018 “Teaching and Learning Languages in the 21st Century: Linguistic, Educational and Cultural Aspects”

06-14-2018 at 4:43 PM

On 7-8 June 2018 the international conference “Teaching and Learning Languages in the 21st Century: Linguistic, Educational and Cultural Aspects” organized jointly by the Institute of Foreign Languages of the Faculty of Philology (Vilnius University), Language Teachers‘ Association of Lithuania (LKPA) and the FIPLV Nordic-Baltic Region (NBR) took place in Vilnius. The event gathered about 150 participants from more than 20 countries. The aims of the conference were to bring language policymakers, teaching professionals and researchers together for discussions about the mission of teaching in the 21st century, the meaning of teaching quality, efficiency and effectiveness, as well as analyse the aims, needs and perspectives of teaching /learning languages in multicultural environment that could consequently enhance the promotion of democratic citizenship, social cohesion, and intercultural dialogue. The international scientific event was a venue to exchange information and knowledge, share best practices and experiences across national boundaries on teacher training and the enhancement of the development of teachers’ competences that would serve to acquire a better understanding of teaching the New Generation of students. The discussion focused not only about the international practice but also about Lithuania where Lithuanian researchers had opportunities to introduce themselves, share best practices and establish new connections with practitioners and scientists in the field from other countries.

Sustainable Multilingualism 2017

03-01-2017 at 11:11 AM

Institute of Foreign Languages (IFL) of Vytautas Magnus University (VMU) successfully carries out its mission to provide efficient foreign language teaching, offering the broadest range of languages in Lithuania (currently 30 languages on offer), and also to perform research in plurilingual competence development and disseminating the scientific research internationally.

The 4th biennial international conference “Sustainable Multilingualism”, which was organized by IFL on 26-27 May 2017 (11th conference of the Lithuanian Language Teachers’ Association, with VMU as one of its founders) rallied over one hundred of researchers and language teaching professionals from over twenty countries of the world for discussion on individual plurilingualism and societal multilingualism in higher education. This year’s conference was exceptional in its focus on language preservation, linguistic human rights, minority language teaching and learning, challenges for culture and identity and continuing discussions on major issues in higher education language policy and language education in multilingual and multicultural learning space.

Language Teachers’ Association of Lithuania the 10th International Conference “Languages across Schools, Cultures, Borders: Creativity, Entrepreneurship and Social Inclusion”

06-13-2016 at 1:12 PM


Language Teachers’ Association of Lithuania the 10th International Conference



26-27 September, 2016


  • Language Teachers’ Association of Lithuania
  • Lithuanian University of Educational Sciences
  • Public Service Language Teaching Centre


  1. To bring Lithuanian and foreign language teaching professionals, project managers, policy makers and businessmen together for a discussion about the quality, efficiency and effectiveness of different language teaching/learning in a changing world.
  2. To boost synergy and cooperation among schools and the world of employment while sharing best practices and experiences, exchanging information and knowledge across national boundaries on the enhancement of creativity, entrepreneurship and social inclusion of university students and adults.
  3. To disseminate best practices and experiences of Lithuanian teachers as well as of language teaching professionals from abroad in language teaching at all levels in all stages of life.

The Ninth International Conference of the Language Teachers’ Association of Lithuania 29-30 May, 2015

10-28-2014 at 11:54 AM


Language Teachers’ Association of Lithuania (LKPA)
VMU Institute of Foreign Languages (IFL)
invite you to participate in
the 9th LKPA and the 3rd VMU IFL international scientific conference

Sustainable Multilingualism: Language, Culture And Society

29-30 May 2015

The aim of the conference is to assemble general and higher education language professionals, researchers, experts, politicians and other stakeholders to discuss innovations in the field of sustainable multilingualism development in the society, language didactics and intercultural communication development.

The Eighth International Conference of the Language Teachers’ Association of Lithuania 9-10 June, 2014

05-05-2014 at 4:11 PM

On 9-10 June, 2014 The Eighth International Conference of the Language Teachers’ Association of Lithuania “The Modernization of Language Teaching and Learning in Europe: Variety, Quality, the Importance to Mobility and Work” was held. The conference participants were greeted by Algirdas Sysas, Deputy Seimas Speaker; Dr. Remigijus Motuzas, First Deputy Chancellor of the Lithuanian Government; Genoveita Krasauskienė, Vice-minister of the Education and Science of the Republic of Lithuania; J. E. Miguel Arias Estevez, Spain’s ambassador to Lithuania; academician Algirdas Gaižutis, the Rector of the Lithuanian University of Educational Sciences; Frédéric BELLIDO, Conseiller de Coopération et d’Action culturelle de l’Ambassade de Franceen Lituanie, Directeur de l’Institut français de Lituanie; Sarah Talalay, the representative of the USA embassy; Dr. Gintautas Bražiūnas, the Director of Vilnius University of Applied Sciences.

Interesting plenary papers were read by Daiva Vaišnienė, The Chairperson of the Lithuanian State Language Commission; Christel Schneider from Germany; Silvija Karklina from Latvia; Tadas Vizgirda, the President of The American Chamber of Commerce in Lithuania; Vilma Bačkiūtė from Lithuania; Teri McCarthy from the USA; Iveta Vitola from Latvia; Luc Aubry from France; Pat William-Boyd from the USA; Andžej Račkovski from Lithuania; Ton Koenraad from the Netherlands; and Daiva Malinauskienė from Lithuania.

The discussion “The Modernization of Language Teaching and Learning”, moderated by Eglė Šleinotienė, the President of LKPA, and Silvija Karklina, received a lot of attention from the conference participants. Apart from the already mentioned professionals, Beatrice Boufoy-Bastick from Trinidad and Tabago; Linas Selmistraitis from Lithuania; Pat Williams-Boyd from the USA, Danutė Rasimavičienė from Lithuania; Zita Tarvydienė from Lithuania and Jane Preston from the USA also took part in the discussion.

On the second day of the conference 18 professionals read their papers; 14 poster presentations were presented. The conference was positively evaluated in the Lithuanian media:

Conference proceedings

Conference moments

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