Baltic Philologist Coffret Nomination

The Baltic Philologist Coffret is given to meritorious members of the association or organizations in accordance with certain pre-specified criteria.

The Baltic philologist is a professional, ethical, and enterprising educator. The Baltic Philologist Coffret is attributed to an educator (or organization) knowing, fostering and ensuring the continuity of the Baltic culture. It shall be annually awarded in the following nomination categories:

–  the most successfully implemented self-initiative;

– the most innovative activities and their benefits;

– the most prudently  perceived multiculturalism;

–  the most beneficial  aid to business;

– the most visible Lithuanian language teachers’ work in the world;

– an effectively globally disseminated idea and work, etc. developed in Lithuania.

The nomination shall be annually awarded to an individual and an organization.

The order of assignment of nominations is defined by the Lithuanian Language Association Board which appoints a nomination commission of 5 members responsible for nomination announcement, the organization of the solemn closing event, publicizing of the result, etc.

The emblem

It is a medium-sized wooden coffret suitable to be placed on a desk, shelf or a special closet for awards.  The form of the coffret can vary from year to year. It can be oval, rectangular, etc., and decorated with enamel and ornaments, varnished or painted. Depending on a nominee (whether it is a person or an organization) brooches, cuff links or tiepins are put into the coffret and warned at the Association events   to represent the organization at various occasions. The main symbol of the Coffret is an enamel article carrying a clear and specific theme for language teachers, such as: “Culture Message”, ” Beam of light”, „Social Network”, “Understanding each other “, and „Window to the world”. This main enamel article is affixed to the top of the coffret. The LKPA’s logo is on one of the sides of the coffret. The chosen coffret   decoration motifs reflect the diversity of peoples and languages, prominent personalities and their works,   Baltic ornaments, the European culture capitals, etc.

With the account of the year of nomination, eminent writers and linguists born that year are recollected and their names and the most significant works are inscribed on the sides of the locker.

2012 – Maironis (150 year anniversary); Č. Dickens (200 year anniversary).

2013 – Baltrušaitis (140 year anniversary); Mickiewicz (215 year anniversary).

2014 – Donelaitis (300 year anniversary.); Shakespeare (450 year anniversary).

2015 – Žemaitė (170 year anniversary); T. Mann (140 year anniversary).

2016 – Mr Grušas (115 year anniversary); M. Proust (145 year anniversary).

2017 m. – A. J. Greimas (100 year anniversary ); I.Simonaitytė (120 year anniversary).

2018 m. – 100th anniversary of the restoration of Lithuania!

You are welcome to nominate institutions and educators by the LKPA e-mail annually till February 15.

The LKPA “Baltic Philologist Coffret” nomination award event

March 14. 2014 in the Mirror Hall of Vilnius Adam Mickiewicz County Public Library (Trakai str. 10, Vilnius) the LLTA “Baltic Philologist Coffret” nomination award event took place.

In 2013 institution nominees were: the Public Service Language Centre and Vilnius College. The Baltic Philologist Coffret for 2013 was awarded to the Public Service Language Centre for fostering multilingualism and foreign language teaching/ learning promotion, and active participation in the proceedings of the Lithuanian Language Teachers’ Association.

During the event honour was paid to language teachers: a PhD, a long-term vice president of LKPA Nijole Bražėnienė and the Turkish language teacher of Vytautas Magnus University, an oriental culture promoter, Aleksandr Ismailov. The Baltic Philologist Coffret was awarded to Nijolė Bražėnienė.

The event was started and led by the LKPA President Eglė Šleinotiene. A large group of honourable guests took part at the celebration: Ambassador R. Klevečka; the Chancellor of the Ministry of Education, Dainius Numgaudis; the Chair of the Lithuanian State Language Commission, Daiva Vaišnienė; the Chief Specialist the Basic and Secondary Education Department of the Ministry of Education and Science, Vilma Bačkiutė; the spokeswoman of the French Institute, Snieguolė Kavoliūnienė; and the author of the White philologist coffret idea, Ina Dagytė-Mituzienė. During the event the nominees for year 2012 – Vytautas Magnus University, the community of the Institute of Foreign Languages and Jūratė Patackaitė, a Vilnius College teacher, – were remembered and honoured.